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ParcelPods directly available from

(The new on-line store to shop for Applied Storage Products parcel receiving boxes)

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Welcome to Applied Storage Products

Come and see what great designs we have to solve your home delivery problems.

Please see the all new Parcel Pod Lite.

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Applied Storage Products Ltd designs, manufactures and procures a range of storage and security products for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, all products and services are controlled by our quality management system to ensure excellent customer satisfaction, please visit our on-line store to discover the range of products we offer for the varied requirements of modern life.
Welcome to  Applied Storage Products

Parcel Pod 'Lite' ONLY £156.00 inc VAT and Delivery!

Engineered to prove the BEST VALUE parcel delivery mailbox ever!

Parcel Pod lite, this is our latest generation of the Parcel Pod home delivery solution, the 'Lite is the same dimensions as the 'Compact' , but is made of a lighter gauge material, you still get all the great features and exceptional quality.

See the new Compact Parcel Pod the ultimate mail/parcel delivery

The size, SECURITY & ease of use of this new ParcelPod will probably make all other 'mail boxes' obsolete!

This compact parcel receiving box is extremely secure & is designed to meet most daily delivery requirements.

A must for every home.

Parcel Pod 'Lite' ONLY £156.44 inc VAT and Delivery!

Invented by Applied Storage Products

The Parcel Pod range of parcel & mail receiving boxes are designed and engineered by Applied Storage Products Ltd, we have incorporate many novel features that have revolutionized home shopping, eliminating the need to wait for deliveries, Parcel Pod is the solution for unattended deliveries and is ideal for parcel deliveries and receiving extra large volume mail, click here for more details.
Invented by Applied Storage Products

Front opening ParcelPod Deluxe

The ParcelPod deluxe is THE most advanced mail and parcel delivery box, It is sized to accomodate most requirements for on-line parcel delivery and offers better security and features than any other mail box available. If you are looking for the 'Ultimate' secure parcel delivey box, we strongly advise that you evaluate this product.
Front opening ParcelPod Deluxe

Here To Help

If you need assistance with your deliveries or choosing which Parcel pod is best for you, then give us a call, we are here to help.

If you are unable to find the product you require please contact us and we shall endevour to assist, if you have a specific design requirement please contact us as we have design experience in mechanical, electro-mechanical & electronic systems.

Here To Help

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Shopping Revolution

Parcel Pod -Shopping Revolution..
Shopping is changing and shopping on-line means you need a parcel
receiving box to receive your parcels
Shopping Revolution

ParcelPod micro-site

Please visit our Parcel Pod demonstration/promotion website for in-depth information on the Parcel Pod home delivery solution.

Specifications, features, benefits, testimonials & FAQ`s are presented here providing all the information you need to solve your postage delivery problems.
ParcelPod micro-site

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The following page provides quick reference information for the ParcelPod range of parcel and mail boxes.




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