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The Environment


All products contained in our catalogue are evaluated for there impact on the environment and are reviewed by the quality procurement panel to ensure that all quality, safety, enviromental and other prevailing legislative conditions are adhered to.

Typical areas we review are:

Manufacturing impacts

Usage - energy and secondary effects.

ParcelPod case study

ParcelPod case study

The ParcelPod range of Parcel receiving boxes was chosen specifically as it was a product that was designed by ourselves and the environmental considerations have been managed throughout its development.

The details below are a very brief insight into the environmental considerations that were made by Applied Storage Products in the development of ParcelPod.

Elements considered

1) The Design:

The design had many constraints related to its function in providing a simple yet secure parcel receiving enclosure, but this was achieved without compromising the environmental objectives, indeed some of the functional design requirements directly benefitted the environmental aim. i.e. the use of minimal component parts to minimise force entry also minimised the number of welding operations saving energy & time.

2) The manufacturing activity:

All manufacturing is performed as locally as possible to the area of interest to minimise the waste caused by shipping components and finshed goods between countries limiting the number of product miles.

To a large extent the design activity is key to ensuring that the manufacturing is carried out in an efficeint manner with the minimum of waste.

3) usage and environmental benefits:

The obvious gain here is that there is no longer a double journey for the parcel if the home owner is not in ie ParcelPod enables the parcel to be delivered even when the property is unattended.

The amount of fuel wasted by delivery companies that cannot delivery the packages because no one is at home is staggering.

4) Lifetime of the product and provisions for recycling:

The product is simple in operation and is made from corrosion resistant metals, these give the product an inherent long life so as not to be considered a consumable item.

If at some distant point in the future the item needs to be disposed, this is easily catered for as 99.9% of the product is steel and is easily reclaimed and recycled by the steel industry.

One Planet

One Planet




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