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Parcel and Mail Delivery

ParcelPods directly available from

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Parcel Pod Lite (Compact) Parcel Pod Lite (Compact)
Parcel Pod lite, this is our latest generation of the Parcel Pod home delivery solution, the 'Lite is the same dimensions as the 'Compact' , but is made of a lighter gauge material, you still get all the great features and exceptional quality.

Manufactured from a lighter gauge steel, but cleverly designed to maintain a high degree of security these Parcel Pod lite`s offer un-paralled value whilst still maintaining all of the features of the Parcel Pod compact

Available NOW!

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Price:   £156.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)

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ParcelPod: home shopping solution

Having difficulites with your deliveries?

It's a modern day problem, but more and more of us are receiving increased quantities of mail and parcels from on-line purchases

If you find that you are struggling to cope with the increased mail or frustrated by missed deliveries of parcels why not give Parcel Pod a try.
Having difficulites with your deliveries?

ParcelPods in two sizes!

The diagram here illustrates the size difference between the standard 'very high capacity ParcelPod & the ParcelPod 'Compact'

Below is a table of dimensions for the two ParcelPods

DIM Standard Compact
'A' Width 535mm 445mm
'B' Depth 385mm 305mm
'C' Height 770mm 580mm

Which ParcelPod to choose?
ParcelPods in two sizes!

Dimension table

Top Opening ParcelPod Top Opening ParcelPod
Visit product micro-site for more details

The original Parcel Pod pictured here is immensely secure, with many features to ensure that your property is protected at all times, it is top opening and operates in its own footprint, ideal when space is at a premium, it is our most secure model.All ParcelPods are designed to be easy to use, secure and long-lasting, being made of 1.6 mm 'zintec' steel and fitted with our patent pending lockbar, seven lever safe lock & dual gas stays.

NOTE: price below includes FREE delivery to mainland UK and VAT. the price you see is the total price you pay!!!

 Click here to see operation diagram.

Price:   £216.50 (Including: VAT at 20%)

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Front opening ParcelPod Deluxe Front opening ParcelPod Deluxe
A front opening door for added convenience, this door has been designed to be very secure by the addition of a three way acting rod-lock which secures the door at the top bottom & side, the front hinges is made from stainless steel and is continous hinge across the whole length of the opening as are all hinges on our Parcel Pod products.

The ability to accept large parcels and massive volumes of mail, along with the very high security & quality descriminates this product from delivery boxes available.

Click here rod lock operation information at the ParcelPod micro-site

Price:   £322.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)

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ParcelPod combiloc ParcelPod combiloc
A front opening ParcelPod fited with a mechanical combination lock for yet further convenience.

A three way acting rod lock secures the door at the top bottom & side

Combination can be changed at any time by the owner.

No more lost or mis-placed keys.

Also available as an upgrade to existing ParcelPods 

Price:   £334.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)

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ParcelPod 'Compact' ParcelPod 'Compact'
Parcel Pod 'Compact'is a smaller version of the Parcel Pod, incorporating many of the features of its bigger brother, It has a front opening door for convenience.

Wall or post mountable.

Very secure

Ideal for 'Jiffy Bag' type deliveries.

Visit the ParcelPod micro-site for more details


Price:   £238.00 (Including: VAT at 20%)

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Stainless steel ParcelPod 'Compact' Stainless steel ParcelPod 'Compact'
Originally designed for harsh `North sea` environments this stainless steel Parcel Pod is the same size and offers all of the features of the Parcel Pod Compact in superb brushed stainless steel, delivering an unprecedented quality finish and unbeatable weather protection.

It is also available in our high quality epoxy powder coat.

Wall or post mountable.

very secure.


Price:   TBA

(please contact us if you require this product)

Patented Design: 0313452.5

ParcelPod is designed to provide the home shopper with a secure & simple to use product that will receive parcels & mail in a patented, immensely strong enclosure, eliminating the need to wait in for deliveries.
A lockbar system has been designed and incorporated, it provides an inherent self locking feature that increases the locking action should there be an attempt at forcing the lid open. The lock also eliminates all forces from the 7 lever safelock.
The gas stay assisted single top opening design is simplicity itself to use & provides a small operational footprint, it also dispenses with any other security reducing openings or doors.
A novel variable geometry parcel transfer chute is incorporated that enables larger parcels to be deposited.
The enclosure is all steel & is of anti-vandal design, with all areas minimised for forced entry, ParcelPod is also epoxy powder coated to provide a long lasting weatherproof finish.

Our protected design ensures that your parcels and mail receive the highest protection.

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