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News and Reviews

ParcelPod - A Shopping Revolution

Parcel Pod A Shopping Revolution

A Modern Problem?
With the array of shopping methods available to the consumer today, it is dissapointing that many are put off from making purchases as they are unlikely to be at home when the items are delivered. This is a common problem in our modern world and is removing the advantage of online shopping etc.

No likes to have to stay home to wait for deliveries or burden neighbours with the task. Parcels left around the rear or homes run the risk of being stolen or at best damaged in the rain.

Clearly the situation is unacceptable.

The Requirements
The design had to meet FOUR major objectives:

SIMPLE to use: parcels are simply placed into the Parcel Pod by the courier and removed later by the owner only.

RELIABLE: the design solution achieved combined with the quality components used provides an inherently reliable design.

CONVENIENT in use: the Parcel Pod can be used for letters, parcels, bags and boxes of many sizes from any delivery company, it can accept muliple deliveries, it can be positioned in any desired outdoor situation.

SECURE: the all steel construction combined with the patent pending transfer system, anti-attack closure and 7 lever 'safe' lock ensures complete confidence in the integrity of the ParcelPod. It can also be secured to walls or floors.

The Solution; Parcel Pod home shopping solution.
Parcel Pod, a secure storage system that can receive and store your parcel deliveries whilst you are out, saving them in a highly secure compartment ready for you when you arrive home. We believe this is the true shopping revolution, whereby the user can make purchases in the knowledge that the deliveries will be received as securely as if they were home to receive them in person.

Parcel Pod mail and parcel delivery box for unattended deliveries.....'THE' parcel receiving box.

Parcel Pod today is like the dishwasher of the 1980`s ie people only appreciated its full worth after they purchased one and realised the extra benfits it brought by freeing time and not having to be concerned about a daily task that had to be done... Parcel Pod parallel's this by receiving all your letters & parcels without you having to worry about being available to receive them or if they are adequely protected.YOU will wonder how you managed without one.

Parcel Pod provides you the confidence to shop on-line or by mail-order and receive your deliveries at any time.

No more waiting in for a delivery! ParcelPod will receive and protect your packages in a paten pending easy-to-use. immensely strong enclosure.

..............ready for you when you get home!

Parcel Delivery

Notes on parcel delivery and receipt as experienced during on-line shopping

"Your only as strong as your weakest link.."

Todays shopping experience…...

The useability of on-line stores is improving daily, advancements in web frameworks using web2.0 techniques are simplifing the process we all go through when purchasing from the web.

Cutting edge web frameworks like ‘Ruby on Rails’ and ‘Turbogears’ are enabling developers to put more functionality into their products and make the webstores more friendly with additional features like ‘blogs’ and ‘wikis’ these may provide information on the product groups of interest and users experience’s that all assist in making an educated judgement about the products considered for purchase.




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