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Health and safety

Safe parcel delivery

The information below applies to all mail and parcel delivery and should be read when using any mailbox product or parcelpod delivery box.


"save a back" --- helping you to help others delvery your parcel safely

We need your help to reduce the large number of manual handling injuries in the parcel delivery industry. The single parcel you dispatch may not be a great risk to your employees but it will be one of many collected, sorted and delivered by people working in the parcels industry. A driver collecting or delivering a parcel often does not know how heavy it is before lifting it. Lifting such an unknown weight could cause back injury. Back injury can also be caused by repeated lifting, even of moderate weights. People working at sorting depots, who may spend several hours a day handling parcels, are particularly at risk.

Carriers' responsibilities
Employers in the parcels industry are required to carry out a manual handling assessment and put in place appropriate measures to reduce the risk of injury. To do this it helps to know the weight of the parcels being handled. Mark a parcel, save a back Helping you to help others deliver your parcel safely

Customers' responsibilities
As the originator of a parcel, you have a duty towards the health and safety of everyone who handles your parcel, including those receiving the parcel. Where appropriate, you can satisfy this duty and play your part in helping to reduce the risk of injury by: omarking the parcel weight to the nearest kilo, preferably on the same side as the address label; ofor heavy parcels with uneven weight distribution, marking the heaviest side; oensuring parcels are not excessively heavy by producing two or more lighter parcels, where practical.

Further reading and information
Getting to grips with manual handling: A short guide for employersINDG143(rev1) (single copy free or priced packs of 15 ISBN 0 7176 1754 8) HSE priced and free publications are available by mail order from HSE Books, PO Box 1999, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 2WA. Tel: 01787 881165 Fax: 01787 313995
Website: For information about health and safety ring HSE's Infoline Tel: 08701 545500 Fax: 02920 859260
e-mail: hseinformationservices@natbrit.comor write to HSE Information Services, Caerphilly Business Park, Caerphilly CF83 3GG.
You can also visit HSE's website: the Parcel Carriers' Safety Forum website: This leaflet contains notes on good practice which are not compulsory but which you may find helpful in considering what you need to do.

the information is provided by the HSE and is intended as useful information on the correct practices to reduce manual handling injuries and is not part of any product endorsment.




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