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Parcel Pod applications

Parcel & mail receiving box for home deliveries when you are at work or away.

Business use to accomodate large volume of mail.

Centralised secure document disposal.

SOHO use for graphic designers with larger than standard mail articles.

General increased building security (removing the need for a letter box)

`Key` returns for holiday property & caravans.

Ideal for use a boating marinas, where owners may be away from their boats, but still need to receive mail & parcels.

Anywhere that unattended deliveries are required to be accepted.

Also used for recycling where recyled items have a residual value and must be protected from theft.

Delivery of medical supplied to contract nursing professionals.

ParcelPods are now being used for the collection and containment of confidential waste, this is becoming a concern to many organisations now and parcel pod has been put into use as a confidential waste locker keeping sensitive information under lock and key until its ready for disposal, this is an example of the varied applications that ParcelPods are being used.

Application and engineering support

Applied Storage Products offers the following services:

Custom design of Parcel Pod parcel delivery box to specific dimension for other applications.

Electronic lock configuration & design.

Design & manufacture of custom locking devices.

Bespoke electromachanical solutions & application assistance for the setup, configuration & programming of the electronic modules.




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